Get more leads and happier clients with a fully responsive, custom-made website or e-shop!

Let’s unpack each component in a Web Design package, shall we?


We meet with you to learn more about your idea and project goals. After that, our team will work on creating an action plan and proposal for your project.


Using the information gathered in the first phase, it’s time to compile it and create a detailed website plan. In order to make a detailed website plan and determine the design style, it is necessary to research the target audience. What is the group of people you would like to reach first? What are their ages, interests and habits?
The answers to these questions will help you determine the best design style for the website.


We start by designing a mockup or prototype of your website, and present it to you. Once with the initial mockup, we start the revision process to perfect it.


We develop your website using the best practices and standards, so you have a perfectly responsive, lightning fast, SEO-friendly, and super scalable website.


The testing procedure can begin once the content and the graphics are ready. To guarantee that the website is presented correctly in all browsers and that all links are operational, every page must be tested.


When the project is ready, we help you to launch it and push it live.


It’s essential to regularly update and maintain your website to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency. Websites need upkeep to function correctly, just like cars do.


We will communicate differently than you are used to. It won’t be “let’s jump on a quick call”.
You’ll be blown away, I promise.


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