Creating game-changing products that invoke a sense of excitement, closeness and satisfaction for the user.

Let’s unpack each component in a UI/UX Design package, shall we?

Product definition

The first step in the overall process is defining the product. Think of it as the foundation on top of which you can start building. This represents a crucial step for many reasons. The product definition phase sets the foundation for the final product.

Product research

Your idea will be defined after the product team starts the research process. Both user and market research are often conducted during this phase.


Getting to know the data we gathered in the research phase as we evaluate it here. Throughout this phase, designers confirm the accuracy of the team’s most important assumptions.


In this phase, designers work on creating the user interface. The design phase usually includes: Sketching, Creating Wireframes, Creating Prototypes, Creating a design specification, Creating design systems.

Validation (Testing)

The validation phase starts after the high-fidelity design is ready, since testing with high-fidelity designs provides more valuable feedback from end-users.


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