You want to create a concise message across your company’s various representations. Whether on your website, your social media postings, or your logo design, a business brand package allows you to communicate a unified message with every interaction your business has.

Eventually, your business will become synonymous with the meaning and story behind your brand. Which makes the people in your community want to do business with you!

Let’s unpack each component in a Branding package, shall we?

Logo Design

Your Logo is the face of your business. It’s an entity that you want others to be able to notice at a glance and recognize as yours.
The 8-step design method used by SM Agency will help you create a logo you’ll be happy with. Assure that we won’t stop working on your logo until it is perfect in every way.

Business Card

Business cards are a great branding element for businesses, but they can also be very useful for business owners and employees meeting clients at events or meetings.


Using traditional business stationery can help you connect
with your audience in unexpected ways. Design of Letterhead of your company may leave a lasting impression on present clients, rival businesses, and new customers with the aid of intelligently designed letterhead and well selected stationery.


Increase brand awareness.
Your letter or document’s layout is just as significant as its content. Your brand won’t be forgotten by the recipient if you use a branded envelope.


Badges are great for corporate identification. Additionally, name badges are a little marketing tool that can have a large impact. They are affordable, yet give back so much. It only makes good sense to have employees wear name badges. Everyone wants to be able to identify who works at a company and who is a customer.


A wordmark helps establish name recognition, a must in the startup world. If your business name is longer or contains multiple words, consider a monogram or lettermark (think HBO or IBM).

Color Palette

Building a great company identity requires careful consideration
of a brand’s color palette. Your business’s defining characteristics will be supported by the colors you choose to represent it in your logo, website design, and other forms, increasing your brand recognition among followers and clients.

Custom Email Template

Email templates give you a means to integrate your brand directly into the template itself. Your brand’s colors, logo, and aesthetic are all present. The outcome is an engaging brand experience that your customers want to interact with repeatedly.

Website Landing Page

Your business’s success is no longer bound by
your physical location. Web will give you a cohesive
visual identity to tie together every component
of your company—giving you the confidence to show
off your business and book the clients you’ve been dreaming of.


We will communicate differently than you are used to. It won’t be “let’s jump on a quick call”.
You’ll be blown away, I promise.


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